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The Swedish Energy Agency is funding a Swedish national Innovation Cluster hosted and managed by the NCSH. The cluster was formed in 2016 and is in constant developement. We welcome all stakeholders with an interest in energy efficiency in healthcare to contact us.

Relevant actors that are members in the NCSH can automatically take part in the Innovation Cluster.

For more information contact us:

Daniel Eriksson +46 (0)707-94 42 13, 

Linnea Turnstedt +46 (0)708-92 73 05, 


Here you can find best practice examples from Swedish innovative energy efficiency projects, solutions, buildings and much more. This was published in a report May 2017: Report energy efficent swedish healthcare -best practice (pdf)

2018 an analysis was made focusing on national and international obstacles for export with focus on solutions for climate and energy efficient healthcare. The report is unfortunately in Swedish but contact us if you want to get some of the conclusions in English: Rapport - Hinderanalys internationalisering av energieffektiv sjukvård (2018)



More information from some of the activities:

The innovation cluster and NCSH host a workshop at CleanMed Copenhagen

Studytour and workshop in Skövde

Study visit energy CSK hospital

Climate smart health and care -seminar

Klimatsmart vård och omsorg - seminarium

List of best practice (updated continuously)

Currently, most of the documentation is in Swedish. The online-version below will continue to be updated with new bes-practice. If you have something that you think we should consider to have on the list, please contact us. If you have any questions regarding the cluster, if you are interested in a specific solution or if you want to get in contact with a hospital or supplier, please contact us.We have plenty of experince of hosting GreenTech visits in the Nordic countries if you are interested in learning about the solution on site.


Other projects with relevance for the cluster (updated continuously):

Regional environmental programmes with energy goals (updated continuously):

Company solutions, new innovations (updated continuously):


Join us! 

Member offer and terms of participation (pdf)

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Our office is located in Malmö, but the NCSH spans Northern Europe and Scandinavia.
Сontact us if you want to learn more about the NCSH:

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