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On February 16th, the first meeting was held for the new Nordic Sustainable Healthcare network at Swedish EPA in Stockholm. Overall over 30 participants form Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Åland and Faroe Island joined the meeting making it truly Nordic. The network will be a part of the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare, and both suppliers and procurers can be members. During the workshopheld in the afternoon, the group discussed how the network should function and be financed. The interest was very high and the participants shared multiple ideas as to what areas the network should focus on during future meetings and workshops. We also viewed presentations from three members in NCSH: Schneider Electrics, Green Furniture and Iceland University Hospital.

The network follows an earlier project funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Danish EPA focusing on developing a Nordic Guideline for sustainable textile procurement in healthcare which is scheduled for release a few weeks after the upstart meeting. The result of the work with the guideline was presented during the meeting by David Watson, PlanMiljö. Afterwards, Marcin Kautsch gave a summary of procurement practices in Poland, and the Nordic Ecolabel introduced their operations.

If you want to participate in the network, need access to the minutes from the meeting, or have ideas on how we should organize it, future themes etc, feel free to contact us at the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare.


You can download the presentations from the first meeting here: 

Daniel Eriksson - Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare
David Watson - PlanMiljø
Marcin Kautsch - LCB-Healthcare
Anna Norberg, Ulf Eriksson & Caroline Carlsson - Nordic Ecolabel
Hulda Steingrímsdóttir - The National University Hospital of Iceland
Johan Berhin - Green Furniture Concept
Irina Lindquist - Schneider Electric


The second meeting

The second meeting took place on May 30th in Malmö. During the we discussed further on the organization on the network as well as future areas to target and develop guidelines on, for example energy and packaging.  

We also had the opportunity to listen to presentations from both procurers and suppliers who highlighted the obstacles they encounter in the procurement process, as well as areas for improvement. 


To take part in some of the presentations and/or more information, click the links below. 

Daniel Eriksson & Linnea Turnstedt - NCSH 


Anja Ekstrand - Region Skåne

Susanne Backer - Aarhus University Hospital

Anya S. Midjord - Landssjúkrahúsið


Magnus Clarin - OCO Nordic

Mats Johansson - Galmox Luxo

Hanna Olsson - Martinson

Lars Hansson - Bauer Watertechnology



09:00 2018-05-31 - 17:00 2018-06-01

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