LED for Healthcare

LED for Healthcare focuses on lighting in the healthcare. Presently, the project is in the launch phase. Healthcare is a perfect sector to test innovative lighting solutions with the existing variety of applications that a healthcare establishment provides: outdoor lighting, operating theaters, offices, garages etc. Meanwhile, the lighting industry seeks ways to test and verify innovations that come together with the shift to the LED-technology, and national credentials for better export opportunities.

Completed project: CleanMed Europe 2012

TEM took the initiative for the international conference CleanMed Europe 2012 and acted as a project leader throughout the conference held in Malmö, with 350 participants from over 30 countries.

Completed project: Sustainable Health Care

One of the reasons behind the success of the Swedish healthcare system in terms of its environmental and sustainability performance is the high number of top-notch products and services developed for the healthcare sector by Swedish companies. However, the potential to boost sales of these products and services, both nationally and globally, is often neglected. The collaboration project Sustainable Health Care launched in January 2010, focused on enhanced sales of sustainable products and services for the healthcare sector nationally and internationally. The project was a continuation of another initiative completed earlier - Sustainable Hospitals. The project focused on technical visits, intensified cooperation between businesses and between businesses and healthcare institutions, as well as new export channels. Within the project, healthcare companies got an opportunity to present their latest solutions to potential clients, while healthcare institutions informed companies about current problematic issues that require solutions. A reference group consisting of a number of healthcare institutions took part in the project along with the businesses.

Project owner: Sustainable Business Hub (Malmö)

Project partners: Business Region Göteborg, Sustainable Sweden Southeast and Hälsoteknikalliansen; Region Skåne and Region Västra Götaland took an active part in the project

Co-funder: Tillväxtverket

Project leader: Daniel Eriksson, TEM Foundation

For more information about Sustainable Health Care contact Daniel Eriksson at 0707-94 42 13 / 040-606 55 80

Completed project: Green Health Care Öresund

The project Green Health Care Öresund was completed under 2008. The purpose of the project was to develop a network of contacts and gather knowledge about environmental issues for healthcare institutions from the Swedish and Danish sides of the Öresund region. The two key parties in the project were the University hospital in Malmö (UMAS) and Gentofte Hospital in Copenhagen, with TEM as the project leader. Other partners were Region Skåne and Region Huvedstaden (Copenhagen), to name a few.

The project underwent three phases. Initially, the concept of Green Health Care as a system that both has improved environmental performance and generates economic and health-related benefits, was introduced. During the second phase, a model for a “sustainable patient room” was developed as a guidance for construction and renovation of healthcare buildings in the Öresund region. The third phase of the project included an analysis of energy use at two hospitals with the purpose to reduce energy costs.

Presently, the project is completed but is expected to be re-initiated. For more information about Green Health Care Öresund contact Daniel Eriksson at 0707-94 42 13 / 040-606 55 80



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