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Future Proofing Health System Infrastructure

Design, technology and innovation to ensure a fit for purpose healthcare estate

Registrations are now open for the 2017 EuHPN workshop.  Download the programme here and the registration form here.

The future for health and social care systems across Europe is more difficult to predict than ever, due to very rapid changes in care models, organisational restructuring and emerging technologies, as well as macro-factors such as climate change and migration patterns. These doubts multiply when it comes to considering the future for the physical infrastructure of healthcare. As never before, we need evidence and knowledge about what will drive changes in capital investment policy and practice, which technologies are going to be influential and how infrastructure planning can take account of these changes.

To provide some answers to these and other, associated questions, the 2017 European Health Property Network (EuHPN) Workshop will focus on how we can ensure that current and future healthcare infrastructure can remain relevant and fit for purpose over the coming years.

As in recent years, the EuHPN workshop 2017 will bring together a mix of health estates and facilities professionals, health system planners and policy makers, clinicians with an interest in the built environment, hospital directors and capital investment experts. We will be welcoming speakers and participants from the public and private sectors, from more than a dozen different European countries, to listen to the latest developments and to take part in lively discussions.  The EuHPN workshop provides ample opportunity to learn from peers and to network extensively with colleagues from around Europe and beyond, and we hope to organise an interesting study tour of local healthcare facilities on 22 November.

Our venue this year is the Starhotels Majestic hotel and conference centre, located in the heart of Turin and close to public transport hubs.  To book a room, please use this form.  Rooms can be reserved until 19 October 2017.

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Starhotels Majestic Torino

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