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Sustainable Healthcare Calendar
2019-06-17 - 2019-06-19


The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2019 - Espoo - Finland

The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare will be held as a part of EHMA:s annual conference in Espoo, Finland - close to Helsinki. We will organise sessions on June 17th and June 18th. On June 19th we will announce the winners of 2019 Nordic Sustainable Healthcare awards.

The 2019 EHMA conference will have the theme healthcare management 2.0. In that concept sustainability in healthcare is a vital part and we at Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare will be the partner addressing that.

We are in the planning process and invite interested stakeholders to contact us.

Opportunities for members in NCSH:

  • Opportunities to speak and engage
  • Meet 500 hospital managers from all over Europe
  • 10 % discount on participation fee
  • 10 % discount on sponsorship and exhibition fees

For more information about the NCSH sessions, please contact us 

Linn Grundtman:  
Johannes Brundin:  

Conference website: https://ehma2019.org/ 


The Nordic Sustainable Healthcare Awards 2019

Nominate someone - or yourself - for the Nordic Sustainable Healthcare Awards 2019. The winners will be announced in plenary on June 19th. 

  • Sustainable Healthcare organizer of the year: A region or a hospital in the forefront, or a regional board or an environmental manager or...
  • Sustainable Healthcare innovation of the year: Something new, something fresh, that makes healthcare more sustainable.
  • Sustainable healthcare organisation of the year: A successful company, a innovative NGO or...

Winners 2017

Winners 2018 



Espoo – Dipoli (Aalto University)
Otakaari 24 
Espoo, 02150 Finland + Google Map


About EHMA

Active since 1982, the European Health Management Association (EHMA) is a non-profit membership organisation open to all those committed to improving health and healthcare. Our focus is on health management capacity and capabilities and on supporting the successful implementation of health policy and practice, so as to make a real difference to the lives of Europe’s 500 million citizens.

EHMA is the only membership organization in Europe to bring together health managers, health professionals, policy makers, researchers and educators. EHMA provides an environment where evidence, challenge and experience are valued and complex debates on current topics take place. With a secretariat located in the heart of Europe, EHMA maximizes its impact by placing its membership of over 100 members in 30 countries at the heart of all that it does.

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Our office is located in Malmö, but the NCSH spans Northern Europe and Scandinavia.
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